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August, 2019
The PDX Lounge Website
The PDX Lounge was BHG Creative's first website. Developed for Orange Creative Group for the City of Portland.
February, 2012
Advanced Energy Services Website
Advanced Energy Services provides energy efficient window solutions to Oregon and Washington. Website produced for client in 2008..
June, 2012
Julian VossAndreae Website
An artist site created for a true artist who specializes in quantum sculptures using metal and welding.
January, 2014
Oregon Tree Care Redesign
This project was the second project designed and developed for Oregon Tree Care and kept their image fresh and new in the competitive Tree Care maket in Portland Oregon.
January, 2014
The Paula Carlson Website
Redesign and transfer to wordpress of implemented by BHG Creative.
November, 2013
GigaPan Systems "Ver2"
GigaPan required a new and updated website to showcase their latest technology.
May, 2013
PNW Arborist "WeAreTrees"
PNW Arborist 2008
May, 2013
PuraVida Products "Store"
Confident design and a solid logo helped to expedite the development of this ecommerce website. Simplicity coupled with 3 products meant developed time lasted only a month for an entire Miva install.
May, 2013
Oregon Tree Care "Arborist"
Our design captured the essence of Oregon Tree Care. Simple and upright with a focus on imagery.
May, 2013
Ttching Skateboarding "Ttching"
Ttching needed a site that was appealing to skaters, easy to use, and showcased the work of Jeff Woods and his skateboard art.
May, 2013
BHG Creative "Clean"
Early website designs and development remind BHG Creative of where we came from and what we have accomplished.
May, 2013
Timberline Tool "Toolbox"
Timberline Tool worked closely with BHG Creative for 9 months to fully revamp and restructure their website. Now they have a showcase areasfor partners, a comprehensive directory of tools complete with accessories, and a fast and future ready website.
April, 2013
Bromley View Inn "B&B"
The Bromley View Inn is a bed and breakfast located near the Stratton Mountain resort in Vermont. They required a simple and engaging platform for their guests to connect with. Our goal was to make them seem small and at the same time sophisticated.
April, 2013
PNW-ISA "GoodTreePeople"
This project consisted of programming a design commissioned by the PNW-ISA for a relaunch and rebranding of their online image.
April, 2013
World Forestry Center "Discovery"
The World Forestry Center needed a website that included news feeds, updated slideshow for the homepage, and a format that allowed for custom images in the sidebar.
April, 2013
Arbor One Tree Service "Pro"
Arbor One Tree website project site developed and designed by BHG Creative.
June, 2012
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